This diverse union was born from two strong multi talented musicians and film makers. Their harmony together is what finally united them on a path of exploration and interaction. Fluency and improvisation are the keys that modulate their work in the studio. This work is the result of their synergy, in which one day they decided to unconsciously connect and confront a world where nothing is written and anything goes. This is the essence of GONZÁLEZ CONTRERAS according to their respective passports. 2 numbers, 2 faces and a denomination of origin “CHILE”.



GONZALES  ( Alvaro Gonzalez, 38 ), has a vast trajectory of more than 14 years as a dance DJ, mutating varied styles, all coming from the urban rhythms that hip hop provided in its Golden Age and all the sub cultures that have marked his childhood. Gonzales has been nourished by huge experience in clubs and festivals so his peripheral vision, samplers and structure in these tracks are 50%.


CONTRERAS (Jose Contreras, 40) is in charge of the other 50%, whose lethal weapon is cello, voice, and harmonics of the highest calibre, a product of almost a lifetime of discovery through a genuine commitment to daily study. With many years on stage since the age of 16, he has been experimenting, innovating sounds and textures that give colour to each of the tracks.


This is pure unlimited fun, where practically no style can limit them.

Ladies & Gentlemen….GONZALEZ CONTRERAS is here………………..

Are you ready?